Natiya, a visionary artist with a background in fashion, street fashion, and jewelry design, has skillfully blended her artistic expertise with cutting-edge technology to create the captivating NFT collection “House of Panther.” Inspired by Tulum’s culture of healing, Mayan mythology, and indigenous teachings, Natiya’s art delves into humanity’s connection to nature, urging us to embrace ethical responsibility and preserve biodiversity while caring for endangered jaguars. Her thought-provoking storytelling through art serves as a powerful reminder of our shared humanity and the importance of safeguarding the wonders of the natural world.

Sandra Ponce de Leon, co-founder of House of Panther has a multifaceted background that spans the tech industry, ocean tech, and ReFi. As the creator and owner of NFT Boutique in Tulum, she has seamlessly blended her passion for technology and her love for art to create a unique space that celebrates the transformative power of NFTs. With a successful career as a marketing executive and startup co-founder in the Silicon Valley, Sandra’s expertise has been instrumental in shaping HOPs strategic direction. A passionate advocate for the environment, Sandra is dedicated to using Web3 for good. Through her work with Web3 Women (formerly More Women in Crypto), she strives to amplify women’s voices in the blockchain, NFTs, and crypto, empowering them to take their place in the forefront of this transformative industry. On the ground in Tulum, she is actively connecting the waves of the Blue Heart Economy, an ecosystem that harnesses the potential of Web3 to achieve plastic neutrality and create a sustainable future. Sandra’s contributions extend beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, as she regularly shares her insights and expertise in leading publications such as Grit Daily, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

Chucho Escoto Faces is a visionary force, serving as both the cofounder of House of Panther and visionary founder of Petgas, a Mexican company applauded by the UN and the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its groundbreaking solution to combat ocean pollution caused by plastic waste. An environmentalist and marketing expert, Chucho’s fervor lies in harnessing the potential of Web3 to drive positive change and healing for our planet. As the NFT strategist and co-founder of House of Panther, Chucho passionately champions the biodiversity of Mexico, seeking meaningful partnerships to create a more sustainable and compassionate world. His innovative approach to blending environmentalism, art, and blockchain technology has earned him recognition as a thoughtleader in the field.