We are proud to launch the House of Panther digital collectible collection on the Polygon blockchain and to be part of an ecosystem that is dedicated to positive planet impact. Embracing the essence of eternal abundance, we aim to elevate the frequency of humanity and manifest blessings for all. Minting a House of Panther NFT unites our community in a powerful mission to protect the wellbeing of all animals, especially the Endangered Jaguars of Mexico, and preserve their sacred legacy for generations to come. Join us on this extraordinary journey of art, purpose, and wildlife conservation!


The Panthers came from a cosmopolitan city where they lived in luxury and never went without the best things in life. They were proud of their status and the high social class they belonged to. Their city was the epitome of modernity, and the Panthers were used to having everything at their fingertips. The Panthers’ city was a nexus for vanity and after many generations of lavish and superficial living, they were so accustomed to their materialistic and superficial way of life that they had lost touch with their true nature. They forgot they were nature.


One day, hybrids of panthers and humans started appearing, and the Panthers initially thought nothing of it. They believed that they were still physically and socially superior to the hybrids. However, as time passed, more hybrids arrived, and they grew in numbers and strength. They became more and more bold, attacking the Panthers and stealing their belongings, including their homes. The Panthers soon found themselves pushed to the outskirts of the city they once called home.

The Panthers realized the reason for their exiled fate was because they had lost touch with their roots, and they needed to reconnect with their ancient wisdom. They gathered the elders who still remembered how to invoke their forgotten jaguar god, Balam during a full moon ceremony. They offered cacao and crystals to Balam, and asked the universe for guidance.

As they chanted their mantra, HOP HOP HOP, a jaguar’s paw appeared through a portal created by the smoke and prisms of the fire. One by one, they entered the portal, drawn to its luminescent and colorful light.

When they emerged, they found themselves in a mystical and trippy jungle with a purple sky, spiral clouds, gigantic mushrooms, singing plants, and floating mystical eyes. The Panthers were in awe and had no idea how to react to this new world. They explored their new surroundings and found a beautiful compound with an empty villa that seemed to be made for their love of color, design, and style.

As they explored, they found gold coins scattered throughout the compound, which they recognized as their jaguar god’s symbols. They soon discovered that they were safe in this new world and that they had the opportunity to create a new life. The goldfish in a pond began to communicate with them telepathically, telling them that they needed to reconnect with their true essence and become Guardians of Nature, starting with the jaguars from their old world.

They would need to mine for valuable Balan coins to help their not so distant cousins and also care for and protect all wildlife in Mexico.

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